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Four boys find shelter from the rules imposed by adults in a derelict ex-Soviet military base located alongside the NATO air base. It has become no-man’s-land; bygone military secrets lie buried beneath its bunkers and hangars as modern fighter-jets fly overhead. The children proclaim the territory their „Freedom Zone“: a place where no one can inhibit them. The boys build their own hang-glider in one of the abandoned hangars and prepare for the day they will fly it. Meanwhile, an odd vagabond seeks shelter in no-man’s-land. The boys dub him ‘The Bum’ and brazenly drive him out of the „Freedom Zone“. A ‘territorial war’ is declared and the ensuing conflict reveals the children’s differing characters and callings.

Directed by: Inesa Kurklietytė
Screenplay: Inesa Kurklietytė, Are Nikkinen,Veera Tyhtila
Camera: Dmitrij Gribanov
Music: Jonas Jurkūnas
Dailininkas: Paulius Arlauskas
Produced by: Teresa Zibolienė
Cast: Dominykas Šagunevičius, Paulius Smaliukas, Rapolas Tamuliūnas, Augustas Juozapavičius, Valentinas Masalskis, Rimantė Krilaviciūtė, Tauras Čižas

2006, 61 min.

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