Lituanie, my freedom

The film crew, as if being detectives try to understand how their country became independent about a hundred years ago. Starting from facts and a little dull talks with historians, the search of information (knowledge) takes them to Paris where they discover even more philosophical questions related not only to the independence, but as well to the concept of freedom in general.
“We have started making a movie about the freedom conference of 1919 and the role of Lithuanians in it. But making this movie we have stumbled upon lots of ideas. We have started asking ourselves, what is freedom, and what is the difference between the territorial and personal, or self-freedom?”

Director – Martina Jablonskytė
Research – Akvilė Kabašinskaitė
Camera – Audrius Zelenius
Composer – Saulius Petreikis
Sound engineer – Iveta Macevičiūtė
Producer – Teresa Rozanovska “Ketvirta versija”

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