Co-production with CONCEPT EVENTS&MEDIA

The documentary series traces the history of a people’s struggle for freedom and independence in the last two decades of the 20th century.

The bookends to the drama are a demonstration in 1987 against the notorious Hitler-Stalin Pact which divided Europe and sealed the post-War fate of the Baltic States and the departure in 1993 of the last Soviet soldier from Lithuanian soil ending 50 years of occupation.

The series documents the birth of the Lithuanian national movement „Sajūdis”; the peaceful push for freedom known as the „Singing Revolution”, including a human chain that stretched 500 kilometres across Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania; the restoration of the Republic of Lithuania; the bloody attempt by Mikhail Gorbachev to restore Soviet power and, finally, Lithuania’s diplomatic recognition by the world community and the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The documentary offers never-aired archival footage of the struggle in Lithuania, as well as interviews with dozens of leaders of the revolution, their Communist contemporaries, historians and other observers who witnessed events that changed the political map of Europe.

Script writers: Česlovas Laurinavičius, Romas Sakadolskis, Arūnas Brazauskas, Rytas Staselis
Director: Domantas Vildžiūnas
Producer: Teresa Ziboliene


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