In 2009, Vilnius has been tasked with fulfilling the role of European Capital of Culture, which is why the city needs to be concerned with showcasing its cultural spirit – particularly the one that is less commercial. Vilnius has been the source of inspiration for painters, writers, musicians, and actors. The winds of twentieth century swept many of these artists to other corners of the earth; others remained in their native city, giving themselves to their art, although they were, frequently, only able to share their creations with their closest friends. Memoirs of the period appearing in our day abound with the echoes of that cultural milieu; unreleased archives of photographs and amateur films from the Soviet period, however, are still gathering dust. Witnesses to that era are still with us, although their numbers are now dwindling.

Scriptwriter: Liudvika Pociūnienė
Director: Petras Savickis
Editor: Eimantas Belickas
Producer: Teresa Zibolienė

2009, 54 min.


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