The film talks about eternal values and the role of the dissident in the modern world. We are joined by the people belonging to the active minority, whose perseverance had led to the disintegration of the Soviet empire. In the hands of that active minority lies the future of Western civilisation slowly degrading because a crowd run by habits and passions, without a handful of dissidents, who are ready for sacrifice, lacks both, direction and criteria.

Their deliberations may seem surprising, and the memories of the emergency situations – very reminiscent of the challenges of the new era.

After all, we live in times of confusion and depreciation of values – such phenomenon accompanied each collapse of a great civilisation, but they were always replaced with other, more complex and more coherent systems of values. Who knows, maybe we are standing on the brink of a radical change?

Created by: Liudvika Pociūnienė, Petras Savickis, Vladimir Tarasov
Produced by: Teresa Zibolienė

2013, 45 min.

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