C (2)„The Age of Czeslaw Milosz“ is a documentary dedicated to the commemoration of the Nobel prize for literature receiver Czeslaw Milosz – Polish poet with Lithuanian roots.

The director of the movie Juozas Javaitis altogether with creative team is trying to reveal the layers of life and creation of this historical figure known for his unique mind and memory. The first two parts of the movie demonstrate early days in poet’s native soil at Šeteniai, gymnasium and university years in Vilnius, later period of journeys and panorama of the era that was penetrated by historical shocks. Finally, in the third part of the documentary, a complicated return to Lithuania after decades of exodus is pictured.

A number of well-known intellectuals that were connected with Czeslaw Milosz in one way or another are interviewed for the movie. Among those are such personalities as Anthony Milosz (son of the poet), Tomas Venclova, Aleksander Fiut, Andrzej Franaszek, Jerzy Illg, Agnieszka Kosińska, etc.

Director: Juozas Javaitis
Screenplay: Juozas Javaitis, Pranas Morkus
Produced by: Teresa Zibolienė

2012, 180 min.

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