When the family of writers from Moscow, Lyudmila and Andrei Sergeyev, arrived for their first holiday in Palanga, they could not even imagine the impact that this holiday would have on the 20th century literature. They were to become a link, a kind of “East-West” bridge, which was constructed in Soviet times. In Palanga, the couple met the poet Tomas Venclova to whom they soon introduced their friend Joseph Brodsky. They also invited Brodsky to come to Vilnius. Brodsky began to visit Lithuania frequently where he not only wrote outstanding poems, but also healed spiritual wounds. In Vilnius, for the first time, Brodsky learned from Venclova about an exiled Polish poet named Czeslaw Milosz, whom Venclova had met previously. Subsequently they helped Tomas Venclova leave the USSR. This trio of “sons of the century” bore destiny traits that were amazingly similar. All of them had left Moscow Empire. Everyone lived or continues to live in the United States, which then became the salvation haven. All were or are professors at American universities. Two have earned the Nobel Prize for Literature. All of the three poets are bound not only by the fate of emmigration, but also by love for Lithuania. “Vilnius is the reference point and the opportunity for me, namely, THE CHANCE OF NORMALITY”, – Milosz wrote. Vilnius has provided a similar “chance of normality” for Joseph Brodsky …

Main sponsor – Lithuanian Film Centre,
Sponsors – LRT, hotel “Shakespeare”, restaurant “Neringa”, bistro “Say Cheese”, “Vynas Grynas”.

Written and directed by Lilija Vjugina
Cinematography Aleksandra Mamajeva, Kęstutis Plevokas, Andrius Seliuta, Audrius Zelenius
Producer: Teresa Rožanovska “Ketvirta versija”

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