„Behold Vilnius“ does not pretend to be an academic treatment of the photographic history of Vilnius, nor does it present in an encyclopedic fashion all of the masters who have created photographic images of the city. It’s a film about love – a love for a city and for its citizens, which is why it consists of images of people engaged in various activities. At times we see these people, while at others they have just passed by, or are about to arrive – or else it’s the city’s walls that tell their tales of the physical contact, glances, and sighs they have taken in down through the centuries. In a word, this film – which is not a promotional film for tourists – is populated by images of a city that were shot by old masters and contemporary photographers; they are images of a city that is and has been lived in.

Scriptwriter: Liudvika Pociūnienė
Petras Savickis
Domantas Vildžiūnas
Teresa Zibolienė

2006, 63 min.

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