APIE JONĄArtist Jonas Vaitkus speaks of his career, his projects and ideas. He knows ins and outs of theater like no one else, and shares what he has learned and sometimes tought throughout the years. He does it so openly. Vaitkus recalls the years passed just as they were: ugly, raw, and yet with moments of pure bliss. And thus it went, from the opening night till the curtains fell.

Directed by: Jokūbas Vilius Tūras
Screenplay: Jokūbas Vilius Tūras
Camera: Jokūbas Vilius Tūras, Algirdas Vaičaitis2015 m., 70 min.
Produced by: Jūratė Samulionytė, Teresa Rožanovska

2015, 70 min.

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