The cycle „Ancient Monasteries of Lithuania“ is a 18 series documentary commissioned by Vilnius Academy of Art which comprises some of the best surviving examples of Lithuanian monasteries that were founded between the XV and XVII centuries. Most of them were closed by the tsarist authorities in the mid-XIX century but survived as important spiritual and cultural centres until today.

The film highlights a few aspects that are important to our understanding of the subject such as the historical narrative of the order and the foundation of the monastery. It deals with the historical particularities of the orders, their popularity in Lithuania, the history of the monastery‘s foundation and construction, the valuables contained therein (which reveal the specific character of each order) and the historical changes made to the monastery complex (such as reconstructions, closures and losses). Furthermore, the present situation of each monastery is discussed. The specific character of each of the monasteries is revealed through the film‘s images and interviews with scientists (historians, anthropologists, art historians etc.) as well as the heads of the monasteries.

Scriptwriters: Dalia Klajūmienė, Tojana Račiūnaitė, Rūta Janonienė, Liudas Jovaiša
Directors: Valdas Babaliauskas, Liutauras Kontrimas
Camera: Dainius Gucevičius, Audrius Zelenius, Vytas Plytnikas
Producer: Teresa Zibolienė


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