CHODAKOWSKI SISTERS (in production, planned to be released in 2018)
Chodakowski sisters

The documentary „Chodakowski Sisters“ tells the story of two bright twentieth century Lithuanian interwar women. Polish countesses sisters Chodakowski – President Antanas Smetona’s wife Sofia and Prime Minister Juozas Tubeli’s wife Jadwiga – in their youth consciously chose Lithuanian identity and devoted their entire lives to the creation of the First Republic of Lithuania.

The influence excerted by Chodakowski sisters on the social and political elite environments as well as on the dealings with the foreign diplomats is indisputable. Even during the period before Smetona’s presidency (June 1920-1926) Sofija Smetonienė had kept active liaisons with foreign diplomats. US Ambassador T. H. Preston made a following note in his correspondence: „The fate of Lithuania is largely in Smetoniene and Tubeliene’s hands.“

Two-educated countesses often took the liberty to repair their husbands’ political errors. Speaking in numerous languages, well-educated sisters Chodakowski maintained basic diplomatic relations. Jadwiga Tubeliene was entrusted with a special state mission. She has played an important role in the declaration of the Lithuanian independence on February 16th, 1918. It is Jadwiga Tubeliene who delivered a copy of the Act of Lithuanian Independence to Germany. In her shoe, undoubtedly risking her own safety, she smuggled back from Germany to Lithuania the document signed by King Ulrich. Jadwiga Tubeliene established a Lithuanian Information Bureau in Switzerland. It was responsible for transferring news by telegraph to news agencies like Reuters, Stefani, and Havas. At the same time, Jadwiga managed to play the role of the deputy of the Lithuanian representative in Switzerland. Thus she became the first and only Lithuanian first lady, who worked in the diplomatic service. Jadwiga worked with A. Voldemaras as a member of the Lithuanian delegation to the Paris Peace Conference in 1919.

Lithuanian filmography is yet to provide a glimpse into Lithuanian interwar women’s contribution to the development of the state. This theme guarantees a novel and original historical reflection.

Directed by: Ramunė Kudzmanaitė
Screenplay: Ramunė Kudzmanaitė
Camera: Rimvydas Leipus
Producer: Teresa Rožanovska

60 min.


GINTARAS VARNAS (in production, planned to be released in 2017 m.)

Co-production with FRIENDS PRODUCTION

The documentary „Gintaras Varnas“ states the artistic aspects belonging to one of the most talented artists of the middle-aged generation. Gintaras Varnas is known as a rebellious, unconventional drama creator. His performances range from the famous Puppets Theater to the genre of the opera. Varnas’ creativity cannot be underestimated or go unnoticed. It is only in the performances in this theatre director that his creative identity traces can be identified, dealing with current public concerns, the occurrences of issues and their resolutions.

Director: Andrius Seliuta
Screenplay: Andrius Seliuta
Editing: Dovilė Gasiūnaitė, Andrius Seliuta
Produced by: Teresa Rožanovska, Simona Trilikauskaitė

60 min.

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